Management Systems

Workplace health & safety management

The Stanke Group has a proactive policy, which ensures all employees are provided with a safe and healthy work environment. Our management staff are dedicated to accident prevention, hazard control and removal, injury protection, health preservation and promotion.

Our exemplary level of safety is achieved by:

  • Having one manager dedicated to workplace health and safety
  • Promoting the understanding of Health, Safety and Welfare as a normal component of all aspects of work
  • Providing a healthy and safe workplace

Environmental Management

The Stanke Group is committed to minimising the impact of any environmental risks and/or spill incidents occurring in the workplace. We have systems in place to ensure staff, facilities, equipment, stock, neighbours and the environment are protected at all times.

Quality Assurance & Management

The Stanke Group is fully committed to providing its clients with exceptional quality of products and service. Constant reviews of operations are held to continuously monitor all levels of inputs into the organisation to achieve improvements wherever possible.

  • To ensure the highest quality of service
  • Make everyone within the organisation aware of their responsibilities in maintaining and improving the quality of our products and service
  • Commitment to the achievement of higher standards of customer satisfaction
  • To achieve and maintain a reputation and image of quality
  • To adopt an approach in the pursuit of all quality objectives

The Stanke Group’s strong commitment to quality workmanship and proven success record ensures a high quality, safe and cost effective service delivered in a timely manner.

Our professional management structure ensures a total project management approach to ensure all client needs and expectations are met.